Being 2019 - My Best Year Ever [Singapore retreat]

Being 2019 - My Best Year Ever [Singapore retreat]

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A Mindful intention-Setting one-day retreat to create your Best Year & Beyond 

“The definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.” - Einstein


Do you feel like a hamster on a wheel? Best of intentions not coming alive?  Endless loop of stress and disappointment?  Destined for greater things but not sure how to get there?


Join us at Being 2019, a Lifeshop that is designed to help you transform, or get started.


Founded on the Science of the Mind, and using the ancient practices of Silence and Mindfulness, this Lifeshop has four core elements :

  • Learning: Framework to discover your authentic life gifts, and set intentions for your Best Life.

  • Reflecting: One-on-one sessions with our coaches to chart a path to live that life.

  • Manifesting: Practices and tools to help you manifest your Best Life.

  • Living : Personalised journal that will have your customised input and help guide you on your journey.


Define your destiny by mindfully creating your 2019, and beyond! Set an intention for your Best Year by signing up for this Lifeshop.


  • A mindful review of 2018

  • Reconnecting with my Gifts

  • My Best 2019 – Intentions

  • My Best 2019 - A Silent Creation

  • One-to-one time with Being Me coach

  • Creative expressions

  • Celebrating my best life ever


SGD300 per person; early bird price at SGD250, ends 30th September.


Hort Park

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