Being: Making Life Work

Many of us wander through life attempting to grasp and tame the elusive emotion that is happiness.

What is happiness? Is it the pursuit of pleasure? Joy? Yes indeed!

However, research shows that the unfettered pursuit of happiness does not make us happier. It actually makes us feel less happy and could even make us sick!

On the other hand, Purpose can give us the drive, energy and fulfilment that pleasure cannot. Further, individuals who engage in valuable and purposeful work are actually happy and joyful regardless of the stress they may experience and sacrifices they make in the careers they are engaged in.



Self Leadership

Stress thriving

Making Stress Work For You: Understand the root of stress and strategies to perform at your best in times of stress

Being me - Discover

Discovering Personal Purpose: A step by step process to discover your authentic personal purpose and integrate it with your work and life

Being me - Lead

Discovering Personal Purpose: A step by step process to discover your authentic personal purpose and integrate it with your work and life

being Money

Connect Life & Money: For individuals and couples to discover life purpose, set goals and learn how to power their purpose with money and set realistic financial and investment goals.

Team Leadership

be the change

Change That Is Anchored In Common Purpose: Leaders need a personal anchor to drive change and transformation in their teams. In this program we train leaders to discover and construct this anchor for themselves and for their teams.

thriving in v(olatility)u(ncertainity)c(omplexity)a(mbiguity)

Finding Inner Courage To Cope With Disruption: Courage is an essential element for leaders to thrive in a VUCA world. This program helps leaders learn it, train it and construct it for sustained performance.

being us

Discovering Purpose That Leads Your Team And Organisation: For teams to sustain performance they need to engage at a level higher than goals. This program helps create purpose that is authentic to the organisation’s core values


Founded on the science of Positive Psychology, neuroscience and leadership


Mindfulness in the form of movement, speaking, listening, writing and visualisation combined with team and personal coaching.

Actionable outcomes

Our programs are designed to deliver actionable outcomes in both work and life

Delivery by industry professionals

In order to ensure relevance and context we bring in industry professionals to collaborate with our facilitators to create appropriate programming


These programs can be delivered in half day to two day modules, thereby allowing for seamless integration with any other interventions or development journeys

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