Subba Vaidyanathan

Subba is an experienced mindfulness practitioner and corporate leader, who left his executive leadership role after three decades of corporate life to focus on preparing leaders and organisations for a fast-changing world.

He has a deep personal practice of yoga and meditation spanning 20 years. His fifteen years of annual practice of silence & solitude has been the source of many of the programs that he runs today.

He has worked extensively, as a corporate leader, in Asia and the Middle East and brings into the program his personal experience of integrating mindfulness practice into high pressured corporate life.

He is the founder of Being, a mindfulness based program that empowers people to live their best lives and the co-founder of BeingSattvaa, a retreat centre in Ubud, Bali.





Lin is an executive leadership coach, trainer and facilitator. She is trained in preventive medicine and health policies in King's College London and volunteered as a health educator in Ethiopia. She is also trained in psychology.

She also works with organizations to co-create programmes that are people and context specific, delivering the content through experiential learning which creates a physical and emotional experience that better retains learning. The result of which is transformative positive changes well beyond individuals and organizations into the wider community.

Lin founded Intrepid Dandelion in 2015 and has since worked with a diverse clientele in the hospitality, technology, education, medicine, industrial chemical and banking space. Prior to that, Lin worked in international trading in the areas of human resources, customer service, business development and finance.


Deepa D'Souza

Deepa is a certified Hatha and Yin yoga teacher. She did her Hatha Yoga teacher's training at the Arsha Yoga Ashram, Kerala (India) and Yin Yoga teacher’s training in Singapore.She has taught yoga at various venues including The AWWA, The Buddhist Fellowship, The Brahm Centre & The National University Hospital. She also regularly conducts meditation workshops for beginners.

She qualified as a Chartered Accountant, had a 12-year stint in the corporate world and has lived and worked in 3 countries. She grew up in a multi-faith family practicing Hinduism and Sikhism, married into a Christian family and has lived in a Buddhist monastery for a silent meditation retreat.  As a child, she regularly accompanied her father to J. Krishnamurti's lectures at the Theosophical Society.

All these experiences have helped mould her thinking. She feels blessed to have had the exposure to several religions and their practices. They have taught her important lessons in tolerance, understanding cultural differences & acceptance. She is fully aware of and sensitive to the challenges and stresses of the corporate world. Her own journey and training in the wellness of the mind and body has equipped her to teach techniques that can help improve the quality of one's life. She continues to build upon her learning through workshops, retreats and immersions but more importantly, through her self-practice, self-reflection and observation of her students.