Meditation Sundays

Meditation Sundays are an opportunity for individuals from anywhere around the world to join an online community in practicing a meditation together every Sunday and get a spirited start to your week. At the end of every session, we share the energy with all those in the world who are hungry, angry or anxious - and through that every practice is meant to do good for the world.

In the spirit of sharing, these sessions are free and participants will have the opportunity to experience a variety of meditations from a diverse array of teachers and practitioners from across the globe. All meditations will be secular and non-denominational.

Each session will include an introduction to the week’s meditation, the  meditation itself and an inspiration and intention to start the week ahead.

All you need is a connected device (laptop, tablet, phone etc.). We will send you the dial-in details once you've registered. Feel free to dial in with family and friends.

Meditation Sundays occurs@ 8am Singapore Time every Sunday & take place on zoom

Past Guest Sessions

28/04/18- Active Meditation | Maitreya

31/03/18- Guided Meditation | Valerie Faneco

17/02/18- gratitude towards your body | Subba & joanna rocha

11/11/18- white light visualisation | Pamposh dhar

14/10/18- Inner Strength | Maja Pakic

30/09/18- Awareness | Nithya Shanti


Nithya Shanti

Nithya Shanti, meaning “unchanging peace”, was introduced to meditation at the ripe age of sixteen and since then has developed his own daily practice, gained a degree in economics, psychology and human resources, worked in the corporate world and studied to be a buddhist monk. He describes the essence of everything he has learned as "deep silence, deep listening and deep love." The life experiences he has had, the opportunities he was presented with and the choices he made led him to choose a life of living in the present, one in which his self-appointed life aim is to spread joy & happiness. He conducts joyshops for individuals, groups and corporates in person and online.

Maja Pakic

Maja Pakic_Photo.jpg

Maja Pakic comes from Serbia and is a holistic teacher and an eclectic artist. She is a poet & performance artist, a mindstyle journalist & editor, an ecology awareness lecturer & philosopher, a mantra singer & social issues researcher, a Kundalini & motorcycle lover, and creative writer & meditative writing instructor. She is an extremely curious individual, who is always looking for something new to learn!

Maja's meditative concepts invite you to dive deep into your beings and to observe yourselves with your inner eye, allowing you to access messages from your subconscious and to hear your inner voice more clearly.

Pamposh Dhar


Pamposh Dhar is founder of the Terataii Centre in Singapore, where she offers meditation, Reiki, counselling and coaching. She works with adults and children mainly one on one or in small groups, but she has also done some work with corporates.

Pamposh started to teach meditation 11 years ago when some of her Reiki clients told her they were incapable of meditating. She refused to accept this and worked with them to find individualised meditation practices that worked well for her clients. Since then, her focus has been on teaching easy and effective practices that bring emotional stability and inner peace.

Her first meditation teacher, was her father, who taught her the Gayatri Mantra when she was six years old. Over the years, she has learnt several forms of meditation from teachers in different traditions, including Sahaj, Zen and Transcendental Meditation, as well as the practices taught in the Art of Living courses.

Joana Rocha

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A few years ago Joana Rocha made a complete change in her career when she shifted from the world of Marketing and Communications to that of Raw Food.  In 2014, she switched entirely to a raw food diet. Joana felt what a huge impact this had, personally, on her mind, body and spirit, and wanted to share her experiences with others. Since then she has been experimenting and creating her own recipes and just last year, she became a certified Raw Food Chef and currently teaches workshops on eating raw in Bali.

She believes in the healing power that eating raw food diet can have. She is passionate about innovating new and unique raw food experiences and spends much of her time developing exclusive dishes and is hoping to launch a recipe book very soon. Her other interests include traveling, running, dancing and active meditation.

Valerie Faneco


Valerie trained with senior yoga teachers in Belgium (Frans Moors) and at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram in India with Mr. Desikachar for a close to decade. She has been a yoga teacher and instructor herself, for over two decades now. 

Through these long studies and decades of personal practice she has gained expertise in the following areas: postures and their modifications (āsanas), breathing techniques (prānāyāmas), energetic seals (mudrās), the use of sounds and mantras in yoga practice, visualisation techniques, meditationcounsellingYoga philosophy, and the pedagogy of teaching people of all ages and abilities.


Following several years spent in ashrams in India, Maitreya travels around the worlds sharing active and passive meditation inspired by Eastern masters. He has been steadily practicing meditation for nearly 20 years and for the past 11 years he has also been serving seekers on the path. His teachings are largely influenced by Osho and Sri Ramana Maharashi, as well as other Himalayan masters. He is experienced in dynamic meditation, kundalini meditation, third eye meditation and death meditation amongst many others. Maitreya is known for bringing humor, love and insight to his teachings.