This course has been super useful and immediately relevant to me. I would recommend it to both new and seasoned practitioners. Rarely have I found such power packed learning in a course that could be used effectively almost immediately. It has given me the tools that I now use everyday for myself and it has also given me a vocabulary with which I can help others.
— Sukanya Pushkarana, Community Worker

I really enjoyed learning Yoga from Subba. He made it simple to practice and inspiring to embrace.
— Swee Hwa, Leadership Coach

The Sutra Study program is not just an academic study as it has benefited me greatly in my personal and professional life, improving my relationships and my well-being. Subba makes sure that these ancient texts are understood in a simple way that is relevant to modern city dwellers and his intention of spreading the wisdom and light of Patanjali has definitely shone through this program. I highly recommend everyone, not just yoga teachers, seeking to find purpose and peace to join this program.
— Chalene Aw, Corporate Executive and Yoga Teacher

I found this a very very unique experience… this Bali retreat has been absolutely nourishing not just for the body but also for the soul. This kind of break allows me to really reconnect with myself… it is a journey both outside and within. I urge all of you to experience this for yourself.
— Puneet

Today’s session was excellent, the setting is terrific and we have a small group. Most importantly the awareness of what setting intentions are is not the same as goal setting. I now have a process and roadmap of what I need to do. I shall be checking myself as the journey goes on, and today was a great start. So, Thank You.
— Roy, Director - Financial Services

Subba simplifies a philosophical text without compromising on the essence and leaves you with points to ponder and apply in your daily life. The meaning and purpose of life, the working of the mind and the means to overcome obstacles of mind and body reveal themselves over the sessions leaving you transformed forever.
— Deepa D’Souza, Yoga and Mindfulness coach

Subba has been very supportive in helping me manage my Parkinson’s Disease through simple home exercises and recorded mindfulness meditation sessions. I have found improvement in my movement through his daily guided meditation practise and exercises. Thank you.
— Alex, Construction Director

Passionate, Insightful and humorous. Subba is able to unpack and bring to life the ancient and deep teaching of yoga, helping us connect to our inner selves and lead more conscious lives.
— Lynn, Social Worker