My Blocks

Bronnie Ware, was a palliative care nurse who worked with patients in the last weeks of their life. Her book “The Top Five Regrets of Dying” has brought many people to tears. 


The top regret that most people held was “I wish I'd had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me”.


So how do we find that courage ?


Blocks are those which are coming in the way of living our intentional ‘Best Life’. These are mostly, fears and anxieties that we hold within us and are often based on our experiences, memories or beliefs. They are meant to protect us from our past ‘follies’ but when the context of life changes, they come in the way of living our life as we continue to hold on to our past.


Most often people just say “I am not sure I know my purpose” ; “I can’t quit my job because I need to pay my mortgage and my bills” ; “I need to support my family”. But the underlying fear is often to do with “what will others say” or “what if I fail”. 


Most often, blocks operate under the radar and we are unaware of them. There might be situations in your life where you knew what to do but were unable to take the next step. Because you felt the same sensations arising in your gut. That anxiety, that fear. And you thought you would rather stay in known pain than step into unknown danger.   


Becoming aware and getting to understand these blocks is an important first step.


We could then make a choice between keeping them, shifting them, letting them go or leaning into them. 


Here is a three-step process.


1.    Discover your block

What are situations in your current life where you knew what to do but were unable to. that you saw the same sensations arising. List the common thread across these events. When you look to live a life that’s true to your freshly minted intentions, which of these blocks do you see rising and coming in the way?


2.    List the moments

Event (s) in your life when you were down, lost, depressed, fearful. When you felt helpless and all you wanted was the clock to shift and for the situation to magically change. Re-live the moment. Write down all you can remember – people, place, sights, sounds, tastes, smells, emotions. Let it flow like a story. Just remain true to your experience. DO NOT attempt to rationalise and correct for there is no judgement here.

Does this connect with the block you see today (step 1) ?


3.    The Role of the block

What courageous step(s) would you need with respect to your block to live the life of your intention? What support would you need to take this courageous step, and from whom?


Step out and be the person you are born to be !


If you wish to know more about discovering and living your ‘Best Life’, join us at the next LifeShop or Being 2019.