Live Your Best Life!

Many of us wander through life attempting to grasp and tame the elusive emotion that is happiness.

What is happiness? Is it the pursuit of pleasure? Joy? Yes.

However, research shows that the unfettered pursuit of happiness does not make us happier. It actually makes us feel less happy and could even make us sick!

A study by Barbara Fredrickson and Steve Cole found that people who are happy but lack meaning in their lives express genes in a similar way to those who are experiencing prolonged adversity. Thus, putting them at a higher risk for major illnesses, and of course stress. 75% of the study participants reported feeling happy but lacking meaning in their lives.

Purpose can give you the drive, energy and satisfaction that short term pleasure can not. Individuals who engage in socially valuable and purposeful work are actually happy and joyful regardless of the stress they may experience and sacrifices they make in the jobs they are engaged in.

How does Being Me fit in?

Based on the Science of the Mind from the ancient Yoga Sutras of Patanjali as well as contemporary Positive Psychology theory, Being Me is a series of Life-Shops that can provide you with the tools to #LiveYourBestLife through discovering and connecting with your authentic self, finding out what your gifts are, setting intentions that will ultimately help you realise your purpose and manifest your best life.

Join us in our endeavour to change the world, by changing minds.

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